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We defend and look out for your interests throughout Italy

We are the ideal advisor for individuals and English-speaking companies that are faced with legal issues in Italy. Thanks to the attorney’s fluency in English language, the Law Firm is able to offer its customers the best defense of their rights and protection of their interests both in court and out of court proceedings, at each venue (including higher jurisdictions), throughout Italy.

assistenza avvocati internazionali

Why entrust you to us:

You will have at your side a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer

Over the years we have become more and more specialized in dealing with English-speaking customers and have gained significant experience in criminal law for foreigners, in dealing with international civil law, in debt recovery services on behalf of foreign clients, in international and italian inheritance law and damage claims. We are able to take action quickly and efficiently throughout Italy. Thanks to our offices in Milan, Rome, and Lecce and a network of trustworthy and talented collaborators in all regions, we can operate directly throughout Italy to assert your rights and defend your interests.

You won’t have any language barrier to overcome 

We can assist and deal with you in your native language for any kind of problem with judicial implications in Italy. You do not need to contact foreign lawyers, interpreters, or translators. Costs will be reduced, but, above all, easier, more complete, and efficient communication with your lawyer will benefit the quality and usefulness of your defense or legal assistance.

A single reference point, mobile and in your vicinity

With our assistance and support, you can deal with your annoyances with legal implications in Italy from home, without being forced to make demanding and expensive international trips. Due to our activities at the international level and our network of international contacts, we are often present in many countries and certainly also in your vicinity.
Usually, we act and operate in person, but, should the need arise, we may make use of the most trusted collaborators closest to you, taking full responsibility for the activity and remaining your only interlocutor.

Our Mission

Experience and Expertise

We offer you our decades-long experience, our extensive contacts throughout Europe, our language skills, and international legal expertise.

Reliability and Transparency

We guarantee the utmost professionalism and confidentiality. We are committed to a fee and cost policy-based, from the outset, on maximum transparency, certainty, and clarity.

Availability and Timeliness

Availability, ease, and speed of intervention and mobility, both nationally and internationally, are our main distinguishing features, as well as easy and direct relations with the customer.

The Attorneys

all members of the Bar Association in Rome


Avv. Riccardo Antonazzo

Avv. Riccardo Antonazzo

Hereditary law, real estate, compensation for damages

Riccardo Antonazzo graduated with an International Baccalaureate at the Munich International School (M.I.S. GE) , Class 1994. Then he attended the Law School at the Free International University of Social Studies (L.U.I.S.S. Guido Carli) in Rome and, after graduation, he attended a specialisation course in Law and Economics of Sport at the LUMSA University of Rome.

Thanks to his many years of experience and many international contacts, M.L. Antonazzo operates not only in Italy but also in many foreign countries, including Asia. He is specialised in providing legal assistance to foreign clients on Italian territory.

He offers the assistance of high competence in criminal matters, guaranteeing the utmost seriousness and confidentiality to its clients. Thanks to the experience acquired, he also makes available his knowledge in the field of hereditary law and compensation for damages. He is fluent in Italian and English languages and speaks german.

Avv. Andrea Nicolangelo Romano

Avv. Andrea Nicolangelo Romano

Italian and International criminal and procedural law, extradition

Andrea N. Romano graduated at the Gymnasium Ottweiler in Saarland Germany Class 1994. Then he attended the Law School, international course of studies, at the Free International University of Social Studies (L.U.I.S.S. Guido Carli) in Rome, and, after graduation, he attended a course in Law and Economics at the LUMSA University of Rome.
Thanks to a thorough knowledge of local criminal, and procedural law, M.L. Romano offers legal advice in criminal matters in many European countries. In particular, he has always primarily served Italian customers in German-speaking countries and German citizens in Italy.
He carries out legal activities, in criminal matters, throughout Europe and has a decade’s long experience in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands. He is bilingual Italian/German, speaks English and French, and is qualified to appear before the Supreme Court.

Avv. Caterina Condò

Avv. Caterina Condò

Debt collection, compensation for damages, inheritance law

Caterina Condò attended the Law School at the University La Sapienza La Sapienza di Roma and joined the law firm as an attorney in 2011. She has a proven many years’ experience in enforcement procedures, debt collection, inheritance law, compensation for damages and real estate.

She provides high-level advice and assistance, developing legal solutions that also take into account economic and fiscal aspects.

Besides, M.L. Condò carries out the activity of “mediator” to settle minor disputes between parties. In this field of activity, she has always attached particular attention to alternative ways of solving disputes and litigation, which can guarantee a much-appreciated saving of time and money.

Prof. Dr. Avv. Ciro Palumbo

Prof. Dr. Avv. Ciro Palumbo

Italian Civil Law, Criminal Law, International Law

After his high school studies, he firstly achieved a master degree in Law and later a degree in Philosophy at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’. He then earned a PhD in “Philosophy of Law, Theory of Legal Interpretivism and Political Philosophy” at the same University and pursued a Master’s in Theory and Practice of Legal Institutions. He currently holds courses, both in English and Italian language, in Philosophy of Law, Theory of Legal Interpretivism, Hermeneutics and European Law, Cyber ​​and Computer Law. He is the author of numerous publications and monographs as well as translations from French and German. As a researcher and legal consultant, he has ten plus years of experience in civil and criminal law. He is a practicing lawyer operating mainly in central and southern Italy, and is qualified to practice before the higher courts.

Avv. Enrico Maria Morelli

Avv. Enrico Maria Morelli

Company Law, Property Law, Enforcement Attachment Execution

Born in 1976 and member of the bar association in Velletri. After high school courses, he studied law at the ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome. He is a practicing lawyer operating mainly in central and northern Italy to the benefit of individuals and companies; in addition to judicial activity, he also works as a corporate counsel. He is an expert in mediation and arbitration procedures and has high skills in conflict management and interest based negotiating strategy. He has decennial experience in employment and insurance law, in bankruptcy law, and in the field of securities and real estate enforcement proceedings.

Andrea Timperi

Andrea Timperi

Data Protection Law, New Technologies, Social Media

Born in 2000. He is the youngest member of our firm. He is graduating in law at the Niccolò Cusano University in Rome. He is enrolled in the “Privacy Specialist DPO” course, managed by Musa Formazione, and has been working with us since 2021. He founded “Jenic Innovation & Creative Solutions”, a non-profit association that works in the marketing field, and helps students increase their skills. Passionate about sports law, privacy law and criminal law, he takes care of practical and organizational aspects of our firm, and is our expert in social media and new technologies, carrying out legal research at national and international level.

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