Coprorate Law in Italy

As an Italian law firm with English-speaking attorneys, we can offer qualified assistance in all fields of Corporate Law in Italy.

Open a company in Italy

Why open companies overseas?

We offer highly qualified professional advice to foreign companies wishing to open a representative office, a branch, or a subsidiary company in Italy. In the same way, we can assist individuals who intend to set up partnerships (association of persons) or commercial companies in Italy.
Differences between Italian corporate law and Anglo-Saxon (or other countries) corporate law, are in great number and quite relevant in practical terms.
Thanks to our long standing experience, we help our customers to avoid or minimize risks and we provide them with a comprehensive assistance in relation to the choice of the company type, methods of administration, constitution and tax perspectives.

Our services in the field of corporate law in Italy

Thanks to our co-worker accountant and the close collaboration with highly qualified notaries, our firm specializes in the following services:
Identification of the best overall strategy in relation to the planned result;
– Recommendation of the most suitable company type and the most adequate management or administration method;
– Preparation of the company statute and the deed of incorporation;
– Drafting, if necessary, of shareholders’ agreement or agreement between partners;
– Help in identifying accountants, administrators, attorneys etc.;
– Negotiation and preparation of agreements and contracts with directors, attorneys and professionals.

Corporate types in Italy

In Italy, as in most European countries and legal systems, a distinction is made between partnerships and commercial companies. The most important distinctive character lies in the shareholder’s financial liability, which in Italy is also generally excluded as regards joint-stock companies.
The main types of commercial companies, according to the Italian corporate law, are:
Società a Responsabilità Limitata (Srl), i.e. Limited liability company
Srl is the most commonly used type of company. It can be a simplified Srl (Società a responsabilità semplificata, shortly Srls) with a share capital in money from 1 € to 9,999 € or a full Slr with a share capital from 10 thousand and above, the latter in money and/or goods.
Società per Azioni (SPA), i.e. Joint stock company (ruled by art. 2325-2457 of the Civil Code)
Società in Accomandita per Azioni (SAPA), i.e. Limited partnership
In Srls and SpAs, the liability of stockholders is limited to the amount of their contribution to the company.
In SapAs, there are two kinds of partners:
Limited, who enjoy limited liability status.
General, who are responsible for the management of the company and who are unlimitedly and jointly liable for the company’s obligations.

Other kinds of corporate types are:
Società Semplice (SS). i.e. Simple Company.
Società in nome collettivo (SNC), i.e. General Partnership.
Società in Accomandita Semplice (SAS), i.e. Limited Partnership
Società Cooperative (Coop), i.e. Cooperative Companies

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