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We are bilingual attorneys and we can deal with legal matters in Italian and English language. We have offices in different locations in Italy and we can rely on a trusted network of collaborators through which we can intervene directly, quickly, and effectively everywhere in Italy

Criminal Attorney in Italy

Have you been arrested in Italy?

If a English speaking citizen is arrested in Italy, the local embassy or consulate will (or at least should) take steps to inform his family. This is their duty, nothing more: there will be no legal assistance or protection on their part. At most, and upon request, they will provide the contacts, (but for information only) of some local attorneys.
Instead, it is extremely important to contact an experienced lawyer, just from the outset, who knows the judicial local system, knows how to deal with in the surroundings where the arrest took place, and, above all, speaks and understands the language of his client. Only by relying on a lawyer who is experienced in international criminal defence, the best possible assistance can be guaranteed to the accused, arrested, or detained.


Arrested in Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples, Lecce…. English-speaking defence attorney!

We take up the criminal defence directly and in-person when an English-speaking citizen is arrested or charged in Italy. With our three offices in Milan, Rome, and Lecce we are present – from north to south – throughout Italy. In addition, we have the possibility, if necessary, to make use of valid and reliable collaborators and to intervene immediately everywhere in Italy.
We are the right partner not only when it comes to criminal defence in Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples or Lecce, but also in the event of an arrest or criminal proceedings in Turin, Genoa, Bologna, Pisa, Perugia, Bari, Regio Calabria, Palermo, Cagliari or other parts of Italy.


We offer our clients a specialised, competent, and experienced legal protection in their native language!

We also act as a facilitator in contacts and support of the involved person with his/her family at home, as well as in the relations and communication between the Italian and foreign authorities, between the Italian authorities and the accused’s family, between the detainee and his/her loved ones.
We assist our clients (and very often their family members) when it comes to dealing with matters relating to an arrest, investigation, or criminal trial. We act almost exclusively directly and in person, both extrajudicially in our dealings with prosecutors and investigating bodies and judicially in the technical defence of the case.

Who can I contact in case of arrest or detention in Italy?

We are the right professionals if you are looking for a criminal attorney for an arrest or a lawyer for a detention or if you need, in an emergency situation, legal assistance for a family member in Italy.

We advise you not to waste precious time and contact us immediately. Depending on where the arrest took place, normally within 24/48 hours since our first contact we can arrange and conduct the first interview with the detainee and set up, in addition to the best technical defence, legal assistance in his language and establish contact between the detainee and his relatives.

When it comes to devising a useful and effective defence strategy, it is essential that the lawyer and his client understand each other clearly, without any uncertainty, down to the last detail and without risk of misunderstanding. This is only possible if the client and the lawyer – in the true sense of the word – speak the same language, which cannot be achieved through interpreters and translators.

Attorney in Italy for criminal proceedings

After the first phase – often hectic and frantic, especially when related to an arrest – an actual criminal trial will take and it must be prepared and dealt with. In this area, in addition to the increased quality and efficiency of the technical defence, the benefits of our assistance are many.
As a matter of fact, a lawyer with a practice in Italy but working internationally offers undoubted advantages. Think, for example, of the defensive investigations to be carried out in the country of origin, when the arrest represents only the final moment of a more complex case that is likely to have started at home. Or consider the interface with foreign offices and authorities when it comes to finding and producing documentation of all kinds (certificates, attestations, copies of documents, etc.).

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