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Buying a property in Italy

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If you plan to buy a property in Italy, we can help and guide you step by step through the entire purchase process.
According to your wish, we may take part and provide assistance in the negotiation phase or we may just verify and check the contractual clauses as provided by the real estate agency.



– we check for any existence of mortgages, prejudicial transcripts or easements in the real estate registry;
– we take care of the preparation of the preliminary contract;
– we draw up – in collaboration with the appointed notary – the final contract and ultimately, if you wish,
– we shall represent you and act on your behalf, in signing the notarial deed.
Thanks to the fiscal expertise of our firm accountant and to a few notaries we cooperate with, we can act as a full legal service provider for all your needs in real estate’s matters, including tax advice.

What you need to know when buying a real estate in Italy?

Buying a property in Italy is more complex than to buy it in United Kingdom or in USA or other places of the world. The act of purchasing involves a series of formalities for which it is advisable to be assisted and advised by qualified professionals.
With the signing of the notarial purchase contract (the Notary Deed), the transfer of the ownership of the property takes place immediately, simultaneously with the payment of the agreed price. It means that potential existence of shortfalls and discrepancies affecting the property must be carefully checked in all their aspects (compliance with urban planning regulations, technical documentation, defects, discrepancies, previous title transfer, etc.) before signing the final contract.


Purchase proposal, preliminary contract, deposit/down payment

In Italy, the first step of the process to purchase a real estate starts with a purchase proposal through a real estate agency, confirmed by a deposit., which is binding on the buyer. Once an agreement on the final price has been reached, the parties, buyer and seller, undersign a preliminary contract, where most of the contractual clauses are outlined (identification of the property for sale, agreed price, deadline for the final contract, down payments, other) and a down payment is made. Such preliminary contract may be binding and irrevocable for both parties, or non-binding but with penalties in the event of withdrawal of one party. It depends on the agreed terms of such a preliminary contract.

Do you want to buy a property in Italy? You can trust us!

Regardless of where the real estate is located, we are able to:
– verify any prejudicial transcriptions (mortgages, easements etc.);
– check the legitimacy of any related bureaucratic and technical documentation (previous transfer of ownership, building and cadastral compliance, floor plans, habitability, thermal insulation certification) or request/recover it /have it prepared where missing.
– deal both in writing and in person, on your behalf and interest, with the counterparty, with the agency, with the notary, with any public authorities;
– arrange and/or attend meetings, appointments, site inspections and, finally, take part in drawing the notarial deed of sale.
We offer you the drafting and preparation of all contracts in English and / or in Italian.
You can contact us with confidence, not just for drafting preliminary and final contracts, but also when you need support in verifying the value and implications of terms and conditions in existing contracts or agreements.

Selling a real estate in Italy

Perhaps you already own a property in Italy or may have inherited one and are now willing to sell it. We can help and assist you
Trust us and we’ll take care of everything:
– We check and, if necessary, request or retrieve all necessary documentation.
– If absolutely necessary, we appoint on your behalf trustworthy technicians to prepare thermal insulation certification, to remedy violations of the town-planning building, to enter the real estate in its actual status in the property register and more
– thanks to our on-site associates, we are able to assess the maximum achievable price.
– We appoint, if necessary, real estate agencies to promote the sale of your house or flat.
– We conduct negotiations with all interested parties and conclude preliminary agreements or contracts in your interest.
– We supervise the drafting of the final notarial deed and represent you at the notarial deed;
– We stand by your side until the proceeds of the sale are in your account and we also provide you with comprehensive tax assistance

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