Our professional skills span multiple sectors in which we are active throughout Italy


Italian Criminal Law

Criminal Attorney in Italy

We assume directly and in-person the defence of the English-speaking client who is accused or arrested in Italy.

Extradition proceedings

It is very important to rely from the outset on a competent and experienced lawyer who can guarantee adequate assistance.

Italian Law

Italian Civil Law

We assume directly and in-person the mandate to represent you in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings so that we can defend your interests and safeguard your rights in all matters relating to Italy.

Compensation for damages

As an international firm dealing with English-speaking clients, we are your ideal partner when it comes to accident claims and settlements of all kinds in Italy.

Italian and International
Hereditary Law

Thanks to our expertise and many years of experience in international and Italian inheritance law you can rely on us with confidence in all transnational inheritance matters.

Debt Collection
in Italy

We offer managerial skills in dealing with debt recovery proceedings and we provide our service not only to companies but also to private citizens who want to collect their credit in Italy.

Real Estate & Business Law

Italian Real Estate Law

Regardless of whether you want to buy or sell real estate in Italy, we are the right contact for you in any case. Experience, competence and success are our motto.

Italian Business Law

We are at your side as highly qualified specialists in all matters of Italian corporate and commercial law. We are available for you on site and active in Italy!

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