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Accident claims and compensation for damages in Italy

Management and settlement of claims and accidents in Italy

When it comes to Italian law on compensation for damages, road accidents during a holiday or stay in Italy are the most common. As a firm that assists international clients, we have gained a great deal of experience in the management of compensation and claims even, unfortunately, for serious or even fatal ones.

The higher the damage, the more important the assistance of an Italian lawyer becomes. This applies both to an out-of-court settlement with the insurance company and when the right to compensation and its settlement have to be dealt with through legal proceedings.

We will be at your side from the very first moment, offering you comprehensive advice in damages law in Italy and explaining your rights. We will then represent you against the insurance company and the other party, claiming your rights and compensation and indemnities out of court and, if necessary, also in court.


We act for you all over Italy

When an English-speaking citizen needs legal assistance regarding compensation or accidents in Italy, we take over the mandate directly to defend his interests or protect his rights.

With our three offices in Milan, Rome, and Lecce we are present – from north to south – throughout Italy. In addition, we also have the possibility, if necessary, to use valid and reliable collaborators and to intervene immediately and everywhere in Italy.

We are the right partner not only when it comes to accidents or incidents in Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples, or Lecce, but also in Turin, Genoa, Bologna, Pisa, Perugia, Bari, Regio Calabria, Palermo, Cagliari or other parts of Italy.

Avvocato per Incidente all'estero

Our assistance and advice for accident victims, injured parties, or damages are free of charge!

Even if you do not have insurance to cover them, Italian law recognises the right to reimbursement of legal costs, both out of court and in court.

For injured parties and accident victims, we usually take over the mandate without any advance payment of fees or expenses. We settle our claims at a later date, either directly with the insurance company or with you, but only when you are awarded compensation.

Compensation for physical and moral damages in Italy is much higher than the European average

In the event of injury, Italian Law recognises a much higher compensation than in other European countries, especially in the case of permanent damage. And not just the biological damage is taken into account, but also possible moral damage. A forensic examiner ascertains the extent of the damage suffered and any degree of disability resulting from it.

Our firm collaborates with well-known forensic doctors all over Italy and abroad. Especially in the case of injuries and fatal accidents, the assessment of mourning damage is of paramount importance. While in many countries this kind of damage is not compensated, or is compensated very little, in Italy it is not uncommon for family members to obtain compensation up to 500,000 € or more.

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