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Through a partnership with us, you can also offer your customers legal advice and assistance in Italy or concerning Italy

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In the course of our professional experience as international lawyers, we have often met or been contacted by foreign colleagues who had the need for services and/or collaborations in Italy to the benefit of their customers.

Consider the case where your client, or the company for which you usually carry out consultancy activities, is sued or involved in court cases in Italy. Or, even more simply, consider the need for bureaucratic formalities, information, investigations, or document retrieval in Italy.

With our collaboration, any foreign law firm can offer its customers assistance and support even at the international level, but always remaining the client’s sole direct contact and the only owner of the case, without risk of diversion of the customer.

Our firm gives foreign lawyers the opportunity to deal with their clients’ cases involving the Court of Justice, institutions and bureaucracy in Italy, without any risk of compromising their relationship with the client, as established and cultivated over the years, and preserving their fiduciary bond.

With us you can operate everywhere in Italy

We offer a wide range of collaboration possibilities and we are flexible enough to adapt them to your specific needs. Our services range from simple information and general legal advice to the analysis of concrete cases, judicial and extrajudicial representation, assistance, or support in defence up to a joint and, if necessary, disjointed co-defence.

Contact us directly and without obligation to evaluate and decide together, in an absolutely flexible and customizable way, what are the possibilities and ways of collaboration best suited to your needs.

We remain at your disposal.

Broaden Your Horizons!

As a law firm operating throughout Italy, we have offices in Milan, Rome, and Lecce and a wide network of collaborators, through which we are able to intervene quickly and effectively in civil and criminal matters, not only in Milan, Rome or Lecce, but also, for example, in Turin, Genoa, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Naples, Bari, Palermo, Cagliari or elsewhere across Italy.

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